Papcy TheDon

UnderGrind Mi$$ion Records

“Under-Grind Mission Records” operates as an independently manage label offering up an alternative to the current “Afro music” status quo, as well as, infectious beats.

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by Papcy TheDon

Papcy TheDon, the CEO of the "UnderGrind Mission Records" never loses sight of where he came from, and that is why his soulful productions pays homage to his Mother’s Land. One thing you have to remember (with Papcy) is that he doesn’t always talk from his own perspective. For example, in certain songs you might hear him talking about pimpim, drinking or being high. He does some music related to that because he knows some people can relate. His lyrics describes how LIFE (especially young adult parties) goes nowadays, in a chronological order, from pimpim, pouring liquor and shots excessively to passing out. In this case, a head shot ties in with a shot of strong liquor and alludes to the violent nature of some major cities.

Although he has been writing Songs and lyrics mix with American and African dialect. He never approach the process traditionally, but sought out up-and-coming producers such as TNT, Emeczy, Funkey, Freelance, Dflex, Biano, Dj Flash, Gemstar and low Key (the duo behind work) to concoct unique and unheard international soundscapes mix with American and African slangs.

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